Reconnecting & Beyond 1 To 1 Coaching Session With Dorrette

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Reconnecting & Beyond 1:1 Coaching Session

Reconnecting & Beyond 1 1 Coaching

Reconnecting & Beyond consists of 5 consecutive days of 121 coaching sessions.

During these sessions, I will go through the personalise designed program with you.

Focusing on you the person  and not the many titles you are often referred to, (friend, mummy, my wife, sister, manager etc) all good but your are not just your titles but so much more.

If you have been feeling lost, out of sink, unbalanced, lacking purpose or passion or do not recognised the person that sits before you, this personalised program is for you.

I encourage you to book that discovery call and lets discuss how how this 5 day personalise program and support you.

Five days of personalise coaching on this  program. Guiding you through an inner journey of self, to pivot change, that will move you towards your desired outcome in a cohesive and engaging manner.

I will support you, to peel back those layers, to get to that inner core and enable you to start the process of taking you from where you are, to where you want and deserve to be by putting you back in the driving seat of your life.

Our session will be held via ZOOM for 1 hour

Reconnecting & Beyond 1:1 Coaching Session

5 consecutive days of personalise coaching
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