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1 : 1 Personal Life Coaching

Congratulations, on making that all important decision, to take action towards  “Who am I”, “What do I want” and “How do I achieve it”.

I cannot wait to work with you.

Personal Life Coaching

During our coaching sessions,  at times you will feel vulnerable, nothing to fear or to be a shamed of, I will support you to lean into that uncomfortable space, guiding you to explore what your feeling in that present moment, to encouraging and motivating you sometimes with breath work, questions, to holding that space for you feel and own whats happening etc as its all part of the process to get you to your desired destination, always holding that all important space for you  show up authentically.

This is an integral part of your process of change to having that break-though, to get you from where you are currently to where you want to be.

We will conduct a life audit; look at your mindset and the role it plays; examine your belief system and how what you have heard over the years has contributed to shaping you, to conquering those fears that have held you back;

As we work towards developing positive habits to impact your WHY and remind you that you are ENOUGH.

My role as your coach, will be to support you, to assess your mindset, identify areas of improvements, set clear boundaries, gain clarity to answering your WHO AM I, WHAT DO I WANT  & HOW  DO I ACHIEVE IT  always encouraging  you to develop positive habits,  around mindset awareness and the compound effect a positive mindset can have on our life.

Our session will be held via ZOOM for 60 minutes.

The suggested minimum sessions for this service is 12 sessions, at £75.00 per hour,  the total cost  for this package £900.00

For more information about this service, please book your 30 minute FREE discovery call.

1-2-1 Coaching

Starts from £75.00 ph

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