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90 Minutes Mentorship Coaching Session

Mentorship Coaching With Dorrette

This service is designed for persons who have already identified an area of development.

This could be setting goals to get your life moving in the right direction.

Goals can be about anything in your personal or professional life with a set timeframe within which you intend to achieve them.

Goals are broken down into

Lifetime goals
Time-centred goals
Short term goals
Long term goals

This service is strategy-based coaching to help you remain focused.  The need to refocus could be because of procrastination, feeling stuck or needing help with practical steps to get you back on track.

Not only will I be coaching you through this, but I will be your accountability partner, supporting you all the way with weekly check-ins to review task that has been truncated as you work towards meeting your deadline and achieving the end result you have outlined for yourself




















Mentoring Coaching

90-minute session
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