The Cross Road Apron




The epitome of style, function, simplicity and sustainability. Crafted from a harmonious blend of 70% cotton and 30% linen, It also comes  in 100% cotton, these aprons not only feels luxurious but also aligns with our commitment to eco-consciousness lifestyle

It’s timeless design features a comfortable cross back, ensuring a snug fit for all body types while relieving your neck from traditional ties. The deep front pocket is a practical addition, ready to cradle your cooking essentials, from utensils to recipes, right at your fingertips.

Elevate your culinary adventures with an apron that not only protects your clothes but also makes a statement in the kitchen. Look good, feel good, whilst being eco friendly.

It comes in two colours Natural & Dark Navy. 

Natural,Material  composition, 70% Cotton and 30% Lenin 

Dark Navy, Material composition, 100% Cotton

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The Cross Road Apron

One Size, Comes in two colours, Natural & Dark Navy


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