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Hi, I’m Dorrette Harris,
nice to meet you.

Personal Development & Mindset Coach

I believe that embracing change begins with self-awareness, a centered mind, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I have seen how beautiful life transformation can unfold even when life feels challenged. I help my clients cultivate their personal best from within, and reconnect with self in their own individual way, to express their true purpose.


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My souls purpose is to work with individuals to pivot change to transformation by reconnecting them with who they are, and not the many titles they carry but themselves, to finding their purpose.

My wish is that you get to know that person.


To empower an individual through mindfulness based coaching and eco friendly products that facilitate self – reconnection and growth


By creating space for self reflection and growth, we can inspire and motivate an individual to live fulfilling and purposeful life


To inspire and motivate individual to cultivate mindfulness in their life and harness its power to create positive changes that last.

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Think Positive

Attitude is Everything

Being positive is a choice, It’s like that little black dress, or classic suit, it never goes out of style—in fact it’s so classic, it’s timeless. Positivity becomes Positivity.


Hi Coach D, I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. This is day 4 but I can only describe that my mind has started to feel free!! like infinite possibilities are open to me. It’s like a loud has lived and I'm seeing me for the first time. I know something was changing" when I fired off a few emails today without worrying beforehand what the response would be. Thank you, I've put my cape on with a big S on my chest.
Dr S. Thomas
workshops... intimate, safe, relatable, insightful, enlightening, thought provoking, empowering... . Dorrette shares her growth experience which is reassuring, humbling and therefore makes one feel safe, and in the company someone who has done the work. she is real, accessible, honest, passionate and a great communicator, coaching, mentoring, 1to1 ... with CDH you do the work at your pace however, clear expectations are set.
Nadia Lewis
Coach Dorrette Harris…I met this power house at a “Hustle & Hees” event (their 5th birthday celebration) and upon first contact, she instantly changed my world”. We have been supporting one another ever since. Recently she invited me as a guest (to say thank you for sponsoring a previous workshop with some of my candles for her guest goodie bags) to sit in on her 5 day “Reconnecting & Beyond” workshop…
Tasha Vigillie
Coach D created a trusting atmosphere in the groups that helped myself and the other participants to share expectations and goals for the sessions. She provided a space where it felt safe to share vulnerabilities and to reset aspirations. The interactions were fun, such as, story boarding and helped to positively shift my mindset. Thank you Coach D!
'MINDFULNESS CREAT CHANGE!!!' This is a quote from Coach Dorrette Harris. I was one of her first clients, and I can assure you that once you have that 1st encounter with her, in her workshops, your life can never be the same again. The mind is renewed, and you get a clearer perspective on life. Don't take my word for it!! Have the experience for yourself!! Thank you Coach D, for been so open and energetic, it is infectious and leave me wanting to find more for myself!! You are a phenomenal woman.